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With a heritage spanning over six decades, DM Hay has been a trusted name among traditional churches, providing high-quality church products and fostering a deep appreciation for sacred traditions. 

Enjoy the following with access to DM Hay Plus+

1. Preferred Pricing: Benefit from special pricing on our extensive range of products, ensuring that you can create a serene and reverent atmosphere within your worship space, all while staying within your budget.

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3. Exclusive Offers: Discover unique promotions and limited-time discounts on our curated selection of products. Explore seasonal collections and distinct designs that will bring a touch of radiance and devotion to your sacred gatherings.

4. Convenient Account Management: Enjoy the simplicity of managing your orders, streamline your ordering process, access your transaction history, and track your exclusive offers with ease.

5. Insights and Inspiration: Stay informed with the latest industry trends, candle care tips, and best practices through our regular updates. Empower yourself with knowledge to create meaningful worship experiences using our carefully chosen products.

At DM Hay, we are committed to environmental sustainability. Through our practices, we actively reduce waste, promote material reuse, and engage in responsible recycling. With access to DM Hay Plus+ you join us in our efforts to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.

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