Recycle Your Church Candle Waste

A simple decision to stop church candle waste grew into a regional waste collection service. This led to investment in a recycling facility to clean and recycle candle wax and the plastic containers holding the wax. The service continues to expand both geographically and in scope. Our aim is simple, to help the church reduce its carbon footprint. Find out more by clicking on the following link.

Recycling Church Candle Waste

DM Hay will collect/recycle your candle waste from different suppliers - altar, paschal, advent, votives (plastic and metal), sanctuary lights incl. lid, communion wine and candle oil bottles.

When organising your waste for collection please separate by type and store in its orginal packaging or in strong plastic bags. To organise a collection click on the following link.

 Alternatively, you can drop off, post or courier your waste to our recycling facility at Exeter Business Centre, 39 Marsh Green Road West, Exeter EX2 8PN.

Thank you for helping to stop church waste!