Sell Your Church Candle Waste

DM Hay will buy candle waste at the following rates (per kg): altar 60p, paschal 50p, pillar 35p, white votive/processional 30p, advent 25p, adjusted to account for the quality or condition of the wax, such as heavily soiled candles. The scheme does not include scented candles or cased candles such as votives or sanctuary lights. 

When packing please ensure different types of candle waste are separated and everything is tightly secured in an outer cardboard box and include a copy of the sell/buy form with the box. Waste can be dropped off, posted or couriered to our wax recycling facility at Exeter Business Centre, 39 Marsh Green Road West, Exeter EX2 8PN. Upon receipt we weigh/validate the candle waste and email the amount being credited. This can then be used towards your next purchase of church candles.

Click on the following link to find out more and start selling your candle waste!