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Sanitising Station KIT (1)

Sanitising Station KIT (1)


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A rapid-assembly sanitising station made to a high-specification design offering compliance with Covid-19 regulations. Its modular design means it can be easily adapted for other uses such as barrier restraints, collection of waste products and dispensing of safety products such as face masks and protective gloves. It is available in a choice of six colours and breaks down for easy storage.

  • Stands 1.3m high incl. sign
  • For extra stability base is water fillable - empty 2.3kg filled 13.3kg
  • Holds up to 4 hand sanitiser brackets
  • Up to 2 recycle bins
  • Up to 2 safety dispensers—perfect for storing face masks and other PPE equipment
  • A4 sign holder for your messages
  • Highly durable, easy-to-clean materials
  • Available in orange, red, green, blue, silver, and yellow
Station 1 package: 1x post, 1x base, 1x dummy unit (no webbing), 1x sign holder, 1x hand sanitiser bracket, 1x hand gel
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