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Tensator Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier 2.3m

Tensator Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier 2.3m


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Tensabarrier® Wall Units are perfect for situations where you want a flexible retractable barrier without taking up any floor space. These great value heavy-duty wall mounted barrier units are ideal where a longer barrier is needed without taking up floor space. Tensabarrier is the world’s original retractable webbing barrier system and its patented, safe retracting mechanism is the same as that found in the floor standing Tensabarrier posts often seen at airports and other public places.

  • Safety First - Tensabarrier SlowRetract™ webbing retracts 2.5 seconds slower than its closest competitor: making it the safest solution for your customers.
  • Optimum Belt Length - Longer belts always mean poorer quality webbing, which wear far quicker than Tensator’s thicker, better quality material.
  • Highest Quality - Made from 0.89mm military grade fabric, the Tensabarrier belts are significantly thicker than other retractable stanchions, meaning it is less likely to suffer from degradation.
  • Anti-Tamper Device - All Cassettes have an anti-tamper tape end that prevents the webbing detaching accidentally from the post when pulled out and connected.


  • Available in a variety of powder coated finishes
  • Standard Wall Mount Fixing and Standard Tape End
  • Locking belt receivers prevent accidental release of the belt
  • Comes with receiver wall clip
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