Spiked Votive/Processional Candles (200)

Spiked Votive/Processional Candles (200)

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This candle offers great versatility. It can be used as a processional candle or as a devotional candle with a spiked votive stand.  1/2" diameter by 12" long sold in a box of 200 with silver foil handlehold.

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Guidelines for the Burning of Altar Candles

Candles should be stored in a cool, dark environment, horizontally and away from direct sunlight and extreme changes in temperatures. Ideally, candles should be used within 2 years of purchase.

When lighting a candle remember these important checks:

1) Ensure the candle is on a level, stable surface and is sufficiently secured into its holder.
2) Before lighting ensure the wick is not twisted and trimmed to 1/2” in length if longer and is standing upright.
3) Always use a proper lighting taper or lighter as this will prevent any unwanted debris falling into the candle wax which can result in burning problems.
4) When re-lighting a candle ensure there is no debris in the wax and that the wick remains in an upright position.
5) Should a candle burn with a small flame, extinguish it and once cooled but arm, scrape away the top of the candle until sufficient wick is veiwed.
6) To extinguish a candle, do not blow the flame as this can result in wax splashing out of the wax pool. A candle snuffer can be purchased from DM Hay but be careful not to damage the wick when using a snuffer.
7) Draughts can considerably affect the burning of a candle but can also be unavoidable. DM Hay sell candle caps but these are designed to aid the burning of made to order 25% beeswax and sterine Candles where the wax is harder to hold the cap. Please call us to discuss any requirements and sizes of these, or view on our website at www.dmhay.com
8) Hot water should be used to clean wax from metal, glass or ceramic holders but care on some coloured glass holders not to remove the colouring.
9) Be aware not to burn candles too close to flammable items with a suggested two feet vertical clearance between the flame and material or surface.


At DM Hay we recycle used or partly used candles to prevent them going to landfill. Put them to one side and get in contact and if you live in the Southwest we'll collect them. We are also leading a national campaign to collect and recycle candles so please get in contact if you'd like to get involved.

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